SnowyOwl Productions LLC Copyright 2012
Steven D Moore- CEO

Steven comes from an over twenty year background with electronics and the computer industry. Always interested in movies and television, he jumped at the opportunity to produce a television show in 2008. Although the Television series was never picked up, he decided to continue producing in the entertainment industry and produced the thriller movie Rain From Stars. Keen to watch DVD extras and with an in depth knowledge of computers and electronics found the process of making a movie very interesting and became more involved of the movie making process as time went on.

Explained to him on the first day of shooting, the 100 year Hollywood rule of thumb, you have quality, speed of completion, and cost are the three parts to making a movie, pick two. When making a movie, quality is the most important thing, while balancing between cost and time. The first feature film may have taken a long time to complete, but at the end of it, there was a quality production that he is very proud of.

Steven lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, an avid mountain biker, traveler, and movie watcher. Although does play World of Warcraft on the computer, still enjoys a board game, cards, or Rock Band with a bunch of friends for evening fun.